Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Pond Memorial

It has been a beautiful weekend.  Sunny, warm, breezy, and just the perfect weather for sitting and relaxing on the deck.  I should have been working on the capes, but when the deck calls, I answer.  I've been feeding and watching all the fish, and the new ones have bonded quite nicely with the older ones.  The sickly looking water lily that we paid so much money for, has sprouted five leaves that have reached the surface and you can see more that are growing.

My mom loved the pond - she would sit for hours watching the fish.  She and Bubby spent a lot of time out on the deck when she was living with us.  I wanted to do something special as a memorial to her, something that wasn't expected of me by today's standards.  After much pondering, I decided that a stepping stone would be a great memorial.  This is the one that I chose.  Rod put it at the edge of the pond near the deck, where I can see it every day.  You can see that the fish like this end, too.  Hope you approve of this addition to the pond, Mom.


Nani said...

What a beautiful memorial!

Pat said...

That stone is a great idea. I'm sure your mother is smiling down on it!