Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome Home

Today I am welcoming home my BFF - or at least my favorite sewing machine.  I missed you terribly, my friend.  My old friend - the EuroPro - filled in quite capably while you were gone.  But it just wasn't the same without you.  He's noisier, more temperamental, and since his bobbin winder broke, I just can't wind a bobbin with him.  That's why, the first thing I did when you came home was to wind a couple of bobbins.  I couldn't get over how very quiet you sewed - just like when you were brand new.  I clean you on a regular basis, but I guess you responded to Ed's hands with more pleasure.  It doesn't surprise me - after all, he's so much more experienced since that's part of his job.

It was so wonderful to hear you humming quietly while finished the pot holders for Kristin.  Today I will be cleaning off my sewing table, and ironing the binding for the two sock monkey quilts that need to be finished.  Tomorrow I will iron those quilts and get them sandwiched for quilting.  And then on Saturday, I will don my white gloves with the textured rubber fingertips and we will quilt those babies and get them all ready for gifting.

I'm so happy to have you home.  Please don't leave again for a very long time.

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