Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's Wednesday, and there's no whine!!! Just heartfelt thanks to my hubby and kids for a great birthday. Yep, yesterday I became one year older. Mary bought all her necessary stuff here to cook dinner since my mom is quite under the weather with a virus and upper respiratory infection. This way she could join the family for dinner. Dinner was really delicious. Pork chops, hot German potato salad, homemade applesauce and a double chocolate mocha trifle for dessert. We ate on the back deck, and it was getting dark when we sat down to eat. We have white LED lights around the top of the roof, and around the pond. And it was like having dinner by candlelight. All the family was here. Rod and the girls sent me flowers yesterday, and they were stunning. Guess I should have taken a picture. Lots of orange, and fall leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year. We got married on November 9 and the girls wore orange dresses, the guys dk. green crushed velvet tux's. Are you old enough to remember crushed velvet?? The girls carried baskets of straw flowers, and even my bridal bouquet was dried flowers. Seeing all the leaves in full color makes me happy. I can't imagine living somewhere where you don't have 4 seasons. I got an email from the girl who is quilting my sampler quilts that my first quilt went on the machine yesterday. I can't wait to see them done. She had told me not to expect them until early December, but looks like it might be sooner. What a great birthday present from her. Now to work on the Lion King Quilt.

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Mary said...

eHappy Birthday Lindabee...sounds like you had a great day!!! Also I do remember crushed velvet!! And dried flowers, they are still in fashion arent they? I got married in the Fall of 79' (Nov) and it was a really beautiful time of year! Lots of Hugs, Mary