Monday, March 9, 2009

Hurricane Monday

Saturday was a beautiful day. High's in the high 60's, lots of sun, and a family dinner to celebrate Kristin's birthday. To celebrate the beautiful day, I did a cookout complete with burgers and sausage, macaroni salad and of course baked beans and deviled eggs. She loves Chocolate Upside Cake, and the twins showed up early to bake the cake. We had a wonderful time, and the kids all seemed glad to be outside playing. Sunday was the complete opposite. So much rain and dreary weather. I hemmed three pairs of pants for my mom, who's still in the skilled nursing home. And I also went down to the train layout to see what Rod did this week. He's been a busy bee, wiring in all the street lights, and now he even has working traffic lights. We got all the cars out of their packages, and are so pleased with all the classic cars we've bought. I feel a car cruise coming on the layout. He put two umbrella tables outside the ice cream shop, put a baggage handler coming out of the train station, a bench on the front porch of one of the farmhouses, a mailman and policeman on the main street, and a John Deere gas pump and tractors at the farm. It's almost like playing with a large doll house. He's in the process of changing out the track on one of the loops, now.

Today the weatherman said it was like a "hurricane" out there. The wind has been howling all night, and the news had several reports of downed wires. But we know that summer is just around the corner. We went to our favorite ice cream place last night and had our first hot fudge sundae of the season. Mmmm it was so good. Have a good week.

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