Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Getting There

I finally finished putting the sills and posts on the batik blocks for Mary's quilt. It wasn't easy, but I just made up my mind that since I hadn't seen the original quilt, I could do my own thing.

This is the top part of the quilt. I think the lady who designed it meant for the blue to be sky. But, since I'm a libra (everything in balance) and mother of twins, I had to add them to the bottom, too. Just call it water, you know ocean.

And here's the bottom half. Today I'll sew the blocks together and get ready for borders. Mary chose a black batik with pink for the small inner border, a beautiful turquoise blue for the larger middle border, and an orchid for the large outer border. The girl knows what she wants, and although she may not have realized it, the colors she chose are in the blocks somewhere.

I've been following Mary Burn's blog
( and have fallen in love with the quilt she made for Mandy. So, I ordered the pattern and have been trying to decide which fabrics to use. I want something bright, and then remembered that I bought a FQ assortment from Pat Sloan that I've never used. It's her Nikki fabrics, and I think I will use them. Here's the photo of the ones I've chosen. I love these colors, and it should be fun to see them come alive in a quilt. The pattern by the way is called Prairie Sweets and it's by Fig Tree Quilts. Guess I'd better get off her and onto the sewing if I want to get anything done before Izzy gets here. Have a great day.

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Pat said...

The batik quilt is looking very nice...can't wait to see it with the blocks together and the borders on it!