Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Day in Review

We had our Father's Day Celebration on Saturday and it was labeled a huge success. All but 4 of the people invited were there, and a good time was had by all. It was strange in some ways because the last time we hosted a Father's Day Picnic, both of our dads and our three BILs were in attendance. This year, only Rod and 1 nephew were there. Sad to count all the people missing, but we traded memories, and then moved on to the new faces in attendance. There were 12 kids under the age of 9 in attendance and for some reason, they got a great deal of satisfaction from digging a hole in what used to be the garden. That hole goes nearly all the way to China, I feel sure. Some played wiffle ball with Jimmy and Mr. Al, but just about every kid took a turn at digging in that hole. Who knew that a shovel could keep kids that age occupied for so many hours. The party broke up a little before 10 that evening, and all the clean-up had been done by those in attendance. Rod left to get some gas for DD Mary, and while he was gone, I sat on the porch, listening to the fountain and offering up a prayer of gratitude for a wonderful day filled with good food, good friends and beloved family.

Officially this is the first full day of summer, and the heat is scheduled to build each day this week. Tuesday Krissy has a double-header and that finishes her softball schedule. She will get her trophy that evening. Then on Saturday is the Carpenter's picnic at Kennywood, and we all look forward to that with the potato patch fries and corn dogs. And then it will be July 4th. Bubby has his last game that day and will get his trophy. Whew, my head is spinning just thinking about how fast this summer will go.

I haven't done any work on my Disney blocks for a couple of weeks, so today I'm going to start fresh with the hardest of the blocks. Wish me luck. And take the time this week to thank our Lord for all good things.


Pat said...

Glad you had such a nice Father's Day celebration there. The weather here has been the PITS.....can't safely plan any outdoor events. I can't recall the last time we had a TOTALLY nice day all day long. *sigh*

Just Call Me Lindabee said...

Come stay with me for a while, Pat. 87 today and plenty of sun. We could share some "quality" time on the deck