Monday, June 29, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

As you can see from the counter on my blog, we're planning a trip to Disney in December. This will be to celebrate our 35th anniversary. I've always dreamed of staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge; but when we started planning our trip, it just was out of our price range. We decided to do Coronado Springs instead. Then when Jimmy got laid off, we downgraded to Pop Century. But . . . . last Thursday night, Mary got a code for 40% off on your accommodations. So, our travel agent checked into AKL, and with the code it was less than CS would have been. So. . . to make a long story short, we're booked at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and I'm so excited that I could pee my pants!!!! And see, dreams do come true!

Went to Kennywood with family on Saturday. I don't ride any rides, but I'm a "people watcher", and boy were there some people to watch!!! How about the girl in the sequined evening gown?? or the one dressed in a tank top, short shorts and furry snow boots??? And that's why I love to watch people. Of course, you can't go to Kennywood and not eat -- corn dogs, potato patch fries, and funnel cakes. But, on Sunday morning, my blood sugar told me it knew exactly what I'd been eating. You can't fool the numbers. I felt a little out of sorts all day Sunday, but went for groceries, watched what I ate, and spent the afternoon sitting on the deck with Rod. We had summer showers all day, and we love to watch the rain on the pond. Rod cooked steaks for dinner, and we did some "Disney Dreamin'". A great weekend. No sewing though. Plan on doing that this coming weekend. Have a great week.

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Pat said...

GREAT news about your being able to stay where you'd hoped to stay all along!!! I'm sure this will be the trip of a lifetime for you.