Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Don't know what's wrong with me --just haven't felt like doing any sewing. Over the weekend, I just sat on the porch and watched the fish. Oh and watched Rod doing all the hard labor he did last weekend. He built boxes on the two sides of the pond where there's fencing. Then we went and got mushroom mulch (smelled a whole lot like a horse stable --more than usual), and Rod shoveled it all into the boxes. He also bought two kinds of pepper plants, two kinds of cabbage plants, and some seed for cucumbers and pumpkins. The beans, tomatoes and zucchini we planted in the first two boxes are doing very nicely, I'll have to get some photos to show you.

I have a new "do". Mary took pictures, and as soon as I get them, I'll post photos of the "new"me!!

Mom had a colonoscopy last week and the results weren't good. She has a mass in the anal canal of the colon. Dr. is scheduling a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else, and then will decide the plan of action from there. Surprisingly, Mom took the news better than we did -- said she had a feeling. Say a prayer for her, please.

Sunday, I cooked a chicken in the smoker. We brined it in beer and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipolte overnight on Saturday, and then used the same Mrs. Dash under the skin and in the water pan (with beer and water mixed). This time we split the chicken and took out the backbone so that the bird laid flat, we patted it dry and smoked it for nearly 5 hours with cherry wood. The skin got nice and crispy and the meat was done more than when we smoked it whole.

Last night we attended Bubby's graduation from preschool. The kids all have some sort of disability, and the ceremony was very moving, as all the kids sang songs and recited their alphabet. Needless to say, I shed a few tears.

Today I have to clean up the sewing room a little so that Rod can put the air conditioner in tonight. I have decided to move my sewing back into the larger room, that I had moved out of to make room for mom. I ordered new fabric for curtains, and am planning on painting the room a light blue. My shelves are a bright blue, so they won't need repainted. What do you think of this fabric? I think it will make me feel happy, happy! And how about the crowns for the "Queen Bee"!!!

And now I'm off to the sewing room.

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Pat said...

I hope everything works out well for your mom.