Monday, January 18, 2010

Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

This morning I'm so sad.  See me crying.  It was a totally wasted weekend.  I started to clean the sewing room - just like I planned.  However, after a couple hours of folding fabric, sorting through boxes, and deciding what to keep, the room looked worse than when I started.  Not to be upset, Rod said, it always looks worse before it looks better.  Well, better hasn't showed up yet.  I did manage to revamp my blog, and love how bright and spring-like it looks.

But, my determination to find the digital camera, hit a brick wall.  After searching all the bags we had taken to Disney (twice), I found no camera.  I know it was on the table in our room, and I was sure that I put it into the cosmetic bag because the batteries were dead, and I didn't feel like messing with it.  But it seems that my camera, like my heart, stayed in Disney.  I phoned the Animal Kingdom Lodge yesterday to see if it had been turned in, but the lost and found department wasn't working over the weekend, and after struggling to understand the Cast Member on the phone, and trying to make her understand me, I think I left a message with my phone number for the Manager of Lost and Found. (Wow, is that a run-on sentence).

Rod moved the furniture in the living room, thinking that perhaps it had been taken out of the bags and fallen behind the couch, but still no camera.  I really loved that camera.  I knew how to use it, and loved taking photos to post on my blog.  Rod says not to fret, we'll get another.  But, what if it's more complicated.  What if I can't get the hang of it?  Oh, woe is me!!

But, I will not be beat down, I will persevere. (Did you hear that "determination?)  I'm going to go to the kitchen, eat my breakfast, and ride walk bravely into that sewing room.  I will  beat the piles of fabric down with a stick if I have to. And hopefully, I will slay the Slop Breathing Dragon.  So, wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me by tomorrow -- send in a rescue unit.


JustCindy said...

Don't fret over the camera. I got a new fancy camera last year, I was sure I would never learn to use it. With my trusty book and my daughter my camera and I were soon best friends. Good luck with the sewing room. I know you can do it.

Linda said...

Just cleaned out my quilting cave too. And, it looked much worse before it got better. Just think of all the sewing you can do when it's organized.

Pat said...

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH...speaking of lost things, I had typed out a LONG comment to you and it got lost. So...let me just say, your hubby is right about things looking worse before they get better. I hope the Lost & Found might have your camera and will call you about that tomorrow.