Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Goes the Battle?

You may be asking.  Well, let me first say that I am a chocaholic. No really, I have no control over my cravings for chocolate.  It's so bad that, when no chocolate was available, I have been known to search the cupboards for a chocolate chip that may have slipped out of a bag.  It's a sickness, for sure.  So on Monday, when I was so desperately trying to stick to my meal plan, Rod showed up in the living room with potato chips.  And my will power cowered to my chocolate beast.  I had a few potato chips with some chocolate covered raisins.  Now, raisins are healthy, and there's so little chocolate on them.  So I searched WW online site, and discovered that there is the same point value for raisins and chocolate covered raisins.  Can I hear a big WAHOO!!!  Did I fail Day One???  No, I simply slipped.

So, yesterday was a new day with new "determination".  (Notice how I stuck my word in there -- Pretty tricky, huh)  And I did it!!!  I was victorious.  (Notice my "Rocky" stance as I dance).  Had my oatmeal for breakfast with tomato juice and 1% milk.  For lunch, Kristin fixed egg salad and I had it with no bread, but added some grapes.  And last night for dinner we had beans and weenies made with turkey hot dogs.  And to be a good girl and get in my vegetables, I made coleslaw.  And it was good.  But the evening is my difficult time.  So when Rod asked what I wanted for my snack,  I didn't say chips --- I didn't say chocolate -- I said sugar free jello with whipped cream.  I love jello, and don't taste any difference in the sugar free.  And with just a little whipped cream, WW considers it FREE!!!

Tonight is meatloaf night.  I'm making it with ground turkey instead of beef.  And as side dishes, I'm thinking a skinnied up sweet potato casserole, with some brussel sprouts.  Haven't decided on a snack yet, but I have some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, so that may be my choice.  Wish me luck.


JustCindy said...

Congrats on what you have done so far. You can do this, just remember it take 21 days for something to become a habit so you have nearly formed a good habit.

Pat said...

Keep up the good work. (Watch out for sweet potato anything.....we were warned that sweet potatoes are pretty high-carb and sugary from a nutritionist when hubby was diagnosed with Diabetes.) Anyway.......I'm gonna have to remember that bit about the chocolate covered raisins and WW points!!! GOOD information to know!