Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oops, I forgot.

Before the Disney trip, I posted a picture of the entwined rings that Mary had put on shirts for Rod and I.  Here's a picture of those shirts, although you can't see too much of the decal.  And I promised pictures of the other shirts she had made.  And then, tsk, tsk, I forgot.  Well, today I remembered!!  So hold onto your hat!!  Cause here comes the fashion show!!

These shirts were purchased from the Disney Store before the trip because they were a cute shirt, and on sale for a really good price.  This was the first time that Rod and I have worn matching shirts - same color and all.  It was really the thing to do when we were dating, but he thought it was sort of silly and so we never did.

Here you can see Bubby in the shirt Mary made us for our Epcot day. It shows the Monorail zipping around the Spaceship Earth.  Epcot was one of my favorite parks, but the rain sort of put a damper on one of the days we spent there.  Hopefully, the weather will be better for Epcot on our next trip.

 These were the shirts we chose for our day at Animal Kingdom.  Again the rain put a damper on that day, but we did get to do the safari.  We had breakfast at Tusker House with Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey in their safari clothes.  When I did my quilt blocks, I did the appliques of Daisy and Donald in those safari clothes, and they seemed very pleased with them.

These were the shirts we wore to Disney's Hollywood Studio.  You can't see Rod's shirt, but he chose Mufasa - father of the Lion King.  Pat's shirt had Mickey dressed as a Jedi, and Pam chose Eyeore, I think.  I chose the Fairy Godmother, or the Bibidi Bobbity as they call her in Magic Kingdom.  Mary felt it fit me to a tea since I like to make everyone's dreams come true.

And here are Rod and I in our Steeler shirts.  We wore these the Sunday we went to the Magic Kingdom since our Steelers played that day.
And if memory serves me right - they lost.  Mary and Krissy had Steeler helmets with Tinkerbelle on the side, and Jimmy and Bubby had Steeler helmets with Goofy on the side.

When Mary first started talking about wearing matching shirts for each day, I have to admit that Rod and I weren't really on board.  We felt we would look so silly.  But it was important to Mary, and so we agreed.  Imagine our surprise when we saw families in all the parks wearing their special shirts.  Some were quite unique and we fit right in.  So now you've seen the "fashion show" of the shirts we wore for our Disney trip.


Pat said...

What FUN!!! I just heard that Disney World is redoing Fantasyland and making it larger but it means part of it will be closed for the next two years. Did you hear anything about that? We want to take our kids and grandkids there for a family trip....son-in-law and grands have never been there....but we'd want them to see Fantasyland and not have it be mostly closed during our visit. Maybe I can find out about that online?

Linda B said...

I like the idea of matching shirts at a place like that. You can always find each other, which can often times be a challenge. Very fun.