Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Are you afraid of bad luck on Friday the 13th?  Do you think of 13 as an unlucky number?  It's always been a lucky number for me.  There are 13 days between my birthday and that of my hubby.  And then 13 days after his birthday is our anniversary.  I'm not leery of black cats, don't worry about broken mirrors, and am not afraid of stepping on a crack.  However, as a point of common sense, I don't walk under ladders.

Yesterday,I finished the neck coolers and fused "Wheezie" from Toy Story onto his block.  I am saving Slinky Dog for the weekend, since I'm planning on using silver braid to form the "slinky" rings. I want to make sure I don't have to hurry on this block.  Hopefully it won't be too big of an undertaking.  I still have 7 blocks to finish, and then will begin to finish the edges of the fusible.

I have also been working on my Grandmother's Garden veggie and fruit blocks.  I had thought that I would give this quilt to daughter Kristin for Christmas, but learned the other day that she would rather have a Star Wars quilt.  I believe this will be one of the most difficult character quilts I have done, but will just take it one step at a time.  I have already found the characters I will use, and sized them for the blocks.  But I have other things to finish before Sept. 15.  I have to admit, I'm in love with the garden blocks, and was dreading giving them away.  So it all works out.

Tomorrow is blood work day, and then a lunchtime picnic at my mom's nursing home.  After that, I'm hoping to sew, sew, sew.  Have a good weekend.


JustCindy said...

I was born on Friday the 13th and have always considered every Friday the 13th my day. Now I've had some bad luck in my life but it never had anything to do with it being Friday the 13th. Can't wait to see pictures of what you are doing.

Pat said...

No...I'm not particularly wary of Friday the 13th nor do I consider 13 an unlucky number. BUT...our first child was born on the 13th of March and she is a child who grew up and wanted nothing to do with us...and that continues to this day (and she is now 37 years old). SO....13, while not an unlucky number, is a SAD number for me. :(