Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekends Go Way Too Quickly

Does it seem that way in your world, too?  I love the weekends.  For nearly 16 years, we did craft shows almost every weekend.  We stopped because it got to be too much, and with all the imports, people just didn't want to pay the prices.  For all those years, my weekends were not my own.  And now, I enjoy the weekends more than anyone can imagine.

On Friday, Mary surprised us with an invitation to dinner at her house.  Mary lives back off the main road, and her porch is usually very peaceful, but for an occasional rooster or donkey.  Friday evening, her neighbor seemed to be using either a vacuum cleaner or leaf blower the entire time we were eating dinner.  I think it bothered Mary more than anyone else.  Dinner was so good.  She cooked NY Strip steaks on the grill along with garlic-lime shrimp.  There was corn on the cob, pierogis and baked beans.  She is really an excellent cook, and dinner was only hindered by the gas grill "blowing out" when she was lighting it.  She lost some hair and part of one eyebrow, but was none the worse for wear.

Saturday morning was Bubby's baseball game.  My great nephew, Jaremy, now plays on Bubby's team.  Rod's sister Kathy (Jaremy's Nanna) was there, as well as all her daughters and grandkids.  It was truly a family occasion. These are the two "Bubbas".  Kathy's family calls Jaremy "Bubba", and we call our little ball player, "Bubby".  They really love playing on the same team and give each other a "Hi-5" whenever one crosses home plate.

Then in the afternoon, it was off to watch Krissy cheer at her first football game. She did so well, and I have to admit that I was a little teary while watching her.  I can't believe she has grown so, and am so proud of the beautiful young girl she has become.  And most importantly, she is more beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Saturday night we kept Izzy while Kris and George went to hear George's oldest daughter, Mandy and her fiance perform at a local restaurant.  She and Pappy picked strawberries (which she ate as fast as they were picking), and then we settled in with our "hoagies" to watch the new movies we had gotten - "G-Force" and "Finding Nemo".  Her Nunnie (George's mom)  picked her up about 10:00 pm.

Sunday morning, Jimmy was scheduled to play in the softball playoffs at 7:15 am.  What an ungodly hour to pay softball!  We offered to keep Bubby and Krissy and they arrived about 7:00.  Kris came down with Izzy at about 8:00 and Pappy made his famous Pappy Donuts.  We had a good time with the kids, and everyone was gone by noon.  Jimmy hurt his knee during the first game, and was unable to play the second.  Today he's seeing an orthopedic doctor.  Pray he will be able to return to work soon.

Next weekend is the Labor Day holiday weekend.  We are going to see Phantom in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon.  Nothing else is planned as of now.

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Pat said...

Sounds like a fun (but maybe quite tiring??) weekend!!! The kids all look so cute!