Friday, August 6, 2010


Yest, I'm glad it's Friday.  This week seemed unusually long.  I know, they're all seven days, but some just seem longer than others.  Rod is only working 1/2 day since he has a doctor's appointment late this morning.  I'm kind of nervous about him driving home.  It's supposed to rain, and the last time he came home early for a doctor's appointment in the rain, he was in an accident.  I just know I'll feel better when he's home.

Tomorrow morning I have to go for blood work, and I'm afraid it won't be good.  I've been watching what I eat, and I'm doing more around the house.  Since the dishwasher broke, I'm washing dishes by hand again, but my numbers just seem a little high to me.  I go to the doctor in September, maybe my meds just need adjusted.  Speaking of the dishwasher, I know it sounds crazy, but I swear the kitchen stays cleaner when I'm doing dishes by hand.  Don't figure.

Not too many dishes last night.  Rod was a grill boy at Eat n' Park when we were dating, and one of their specials was a club sandwich.  Years ago, he used to make them for the kids and I ; but as daughter Mary says, he hasn't made her one in years (I think it was last November).  So, last night she showed up with two loaves of bread, 2 pounds of baked ham, and a pound of good longhorn cheese, and her daddy made club sandwiches for all of us.  We had fresh yellow tomatoes from our garden, and they were the crowning glory.  MMmm, they were so good!!  Pat and Pam came down for dinner after they were done feeding the horses, and it was definitely an unscheduled family night.  And aren't they the best kind??

Sunday, our Bubby will be turning 7 years old.  Hard to believe, but it's true.  Mary is having his birthday party at the Miracle League field where he plays baseball.  She's a great party planner, and is making this a baseball themed party.  Food is ball park food - nachos, hot dogs, and I'm in charge of making the "cracker jacks".  Ours will be put in little white bags, and Mary even found baseball tattoos to put in the bags for their "prize".  She has nacho trays and hot dog papers for those items, and has gotten ball caps and "Big League Chew" gum for favors.  She found a template to make baseball cards with pictures of those kids in attendance. I love her parties, and this will be Bubby's first party where his school chums have been invited.  Even his teacher and therapists will be in attendance.  Should be a great day for all.

On the sewing front, I'm finishing up the neck coolers, I've been working on the grandmother's garden veggie flowers, and have started Izzy's Toy Story quilt.  Photos next week.  Have a great weekend.

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