Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday Whine Fest on Thursday

I haven't had a whine fest for quite some time. . . but today, one is called for.  So, bear with me as I do a "Why-ne fest".

Here locally, we have a certain furniture store that seems to run a constant sale.  And each week, it's their "Best Offer Ever".  Why don't they just reduce the everyday cost of their furniture, and stop the constant advertising of a new sale?????

Here in Pennsylvania we have a certain political candidate who started advertising for the general election on the morning after the primary election.  He doesn't toot his horn, but merely bashes the opposition.  Why couldn't he have given us a few months of no political advertising before he started???  Guess who won't be voting for this candidate!!!

We have mice ...  field mice, and living in the country you expect to have mice.  But three mornings this past week when I poured my cereal, mouse droppings were in the box  of cereal.  And I had to throw that cereal and the whole box into the trash.  Now, answer me  . . why do they have to get into my cereal and why can  they get into the new, unopened box when I can't hardly open those bags???

Why when you get older and have experienced all the unpleasantries of menopause, do you suddenly have to begin sprouting chin and facial hair???  Don't the powers that be know that you can't see those hairs with your glasses on or off???  And why does that wayward, white, wirey eyebrow hair hurt as much if you leave it there as it does when you yank it out????

And last, but not least, to quote that adorable Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates" movies, why is the rum always gone???? (That's been my favorite quote for quite some time now.)  And, I had to include this photo just because it makes me smile, and today I needed to smile!!!!


Nancy said...

we had the same problem with mice in the cereal... I bought sterilite containers at walmart and put the cereal in there immediately upon bringing it home... never had a problem again...

Lindabee said...

Thanks, Nancy. Think I have to do that. They even at regular Cheerios. Nobody really likes Cheerios without sugar! LOL.

Pat said...

The plastic containers sound good...and I hate the politicians constant campaigning, too. As for the chin hairs, I can relate and it drives me crazy. At least you have 4 daughters who live nearby and if you get sick, they can promise to keep your chin looking nice.....I fear being "out of it" in the hospital and growing a beard while there!!! LOL

Carla said...

I like the penguin !