Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Sirens Wailing) Emergency!!

Yes, there's an emergency. . . a bump in the road. . . an error in design.  I had purchased some fusible silver binding to use for the springs in Slinky Dog.  Good Idea - Pat me on the back!!  Oh no, there's an emergency.  Slap me in the back of the head.  The braid is too wide and won't loop the way I want it to.  You can see (if you look closely) where I have penciled in the springs for Slinky.  So now what???  Well, I will be going to Joann's this weekend to see what my other options are.  I guess DMC makes a silver metallic floss, and I'm going to look at that.  If it won't work, I'm going to look for a silver cording that I can couch on the block.

Thus far, I have 7 blocks that are ready to be stitched  down on the background.  I will probably use the rayon embroidery thread again, as I love the richness that thread gives to the blocks.  And I will use matching colors so as not to call attention to the stitching rather than to the applique.  Here's Jessie.

Mr. Potato Head, again ready to be stitched.  Once the stitching is completed, I will probably use a fabric marker to make the details darker.

Here's Wheezie, the penguin.  I decided to do reverse applique on him.  The large white stomach would have shown the black underneath, so reverse applique was a good solution.  I cut out the stomach, the eyes, and the beak.  Then I inserted the yellow piece under the beak cut-out, and will add the details to the eyes after the stitching is complete.  The little grey cloud will have lines from there to his mouth, it's supposed to be a dusty cough.

Here's T-Rex.  I'm thinking I may stitch him with a darker green just to make his details show up.  There's a yellow circle where his jaws meet, and I'm planning on using a yellow button there.  Teeth will be added with a marker after stitching.

And last, but not least, is Bullseye.  Once again, details have to be added after stitching.  I may decide to stitch him with a darker brown thread.

So, there are the seven that are done.  Today I plan to trace off the last 5 blocks and get them ready to fuse.  I have 4 weeks until our trip, and I really want this quilt done before we leave since we come home just two days before Izzy's birthday.  Wish me luck.


JustCindy said...

Too cute! Your ideas for this quilt are fantastic. I think the silver cording will work nicely for Slinky

Pat said...

You are SO good at these types of quilts!

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