Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Great Stash

Sometimes it's great to have a great stash.  Oh, yea, sometimes I have trouble finding a place to put everything; but when push comes to shove, I generally have what I need.

Bubby has a brand spankin' new, shiny wheelchair, but unfortunately it doesn't fold and that makes it difficult to take it anywhere.  Someone had given them a wheelchair that folds, and that was very kind and generous.  This wheelchair is an older one, not shiny and has a very "unattractive" cover.  I'm not sure if son-in-law Jimmy thinks I'm Wonder Woman, or if he just doesn't realize what's involved, but he asked me if I could make a cover for the chair.  Bubby wanted purple -- Daddy gave that a very adamant NO!  So Grammy hunted out her Steeler fabric.  I have black and white.  Knowing that the black would be too hot for Florida, I chose the white.  Rod helped me take the measurements, and I sat down with pencil and paper to make my sketches.  Yesterday, I put my sketches to use, and came up with this cover for the back of the chair.

The cover folds over the top of the chair so that the front and back of the chair back are covered.  The flaps on the sides have velcro on them. and will be turned to the back and fastened around the side of the chair.  My sketches were pretty accurate and the back cover fits pretty well.  The seat cover is another matter.  I had the seat cover put together, and decided to fit it before doing the quilting.  It's a good thing I did.  I had planned for it to wrap around the seat at the back and fasten in the front.  Unfortunately, I didn't sketch that the back of the seat isn't open.  Hmmmmm...  I sat and looked at the seat.  Pam came down and helped me decide the best way to proceed, and when Rod got home, he added his designer expertise.  I needed to re-use the fabric I had already cut, since there wasn't a lot left.  So I made another sketch or two and then cut the seat cover in half on the fold.  Rod had suggested adding "flaps" on the sides of the seat cover like I had used on the back cover.  We measured how long they needed to be and where they should be attached to leave room for the arms.  And still another sketch.  The way I have designed the new seat cover, it will velcro to the back cover to join the seat to the back.  Then it will wrap from the front, under the seat and velcro to the back cover under the chair.  Nothing will be loose or dragging, and it should be quite soft and comfy for Bubs.  I probably won't get a chance to finish it until Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but will post photos of the before and after when it's done.


Nancy said...

What a great grandma you are! He will be stylin' in that wheelchair! lol

Why do people think that if you sew you can work miracles. My mom once bought what she thought was a set of curtains that turned out to be a canopy bed top.. she requested that I make them into curtains! lol of course, I did, but really?

Pat said...

You are very clever and always come through. Can't wait to see the finished cover!