Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Easy Solution

Yesterday I told Mary about the Vinylmation Quilt, and she came up with a great solution.  Since she knows her daughter better than I do, I have to accept that it will be alright.  She suggested that I just use the blank vinylmation and trace it onto fusible.  Then fuse it onto the various Disney fabrics that I have.  Seems that all vinylmation are not characters.  Wow does that make it simpler??!!!  Sounds like a plan.

I need to add something new and fresh to my life.  You know, redecorating on a limited budget.  I decided to start with the kitchen. I don't want to repaint the kitchen (which is a barn red).  But I couldn't decide what to use.  I bought patterns for owl and cupcake potholders.   But which one should I use???    I have finally decided --  It's owls!!!  I found this owl fabric, which I absolutely love.  I was able to purchase a 5 yard piece from a seller on etsy for a great price.  I'm so excited.  I think these colors will look great with the red kitchen.   Right now the curtains are looking dull and faded, so hopefully the owls will perk it up. 

This is the pattern that I bought eons ago, (well maybe I exaggerate), and I think it will be fun to choose fabrics to coordinate with the curtains.  I have the insul-brite already so I can get started on new potholders.

And look at these adorable appliques that I found to put on towels for the kitchen.   I just can't wait to get started!!!


Pat said...

What a WISE idea to choose owls for your new kitchen decor! (Get Be sure to take photos of the curtains and potholders and towels as you finish them. I don't get the whole vinylmation craze myself, but I"m sure your daughter knows what your granddaughter would like.

Tonya said...

love the owls, very cute