Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Morning to Relax

And then on to work.  After I finish a project, I always take some time off to relax and catch my breath.  That's what I did this morning.  I spent a few hours this morning reading the blogs of some of my cyber-friends, and then decided that my blog needed a face lift.  I searched a few of my fav background pages, and chose this one with the flowers.  Then I used my favorite graphics program and designed a new header.  And finally I found a blinkie that I liked.  And so, my blog has a new look.  Not sure if I like the placement of the blinkie, but it will stay for now since it expresses one of my favorite sentiments -- dream big.  How can you reach big heights if you don't dream big???!!!  I'm off to dream.


Pat said...

It looks good and, of course, I loved seeing the boat by POFQ. We will be there in 10 weeks!!! (And then again at the beginning of December...can't wait to see the Christmas decorations at WDW.)

JustCindy said...

Your blog looks nice. I need to work on mine.