Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bits and Pieces

My mind is just strollin' the world this morning, and you are about to catch the brunt of it.  Sorry!

A few weeks ago, I ordered new "gutchies" (sorry, Mary.  Had to say it!)  Now, like most of the clothing we buy in these United States, they are made in some foreign country.  I have been wearing this brand of "gutchies" for years, and I know that the tags are always on the left side.  Well, I put one pair on a few weeks ago, and they felt horrible.  After a few hours of discomfort, I checked them out only to discover that they were on backwards!  Backwards!!!  I am an adult, I've been dressing myself for over 50 years.  How in this world do I put my gutchies on backwards???!!!  Not my fault -- the tag was on the wrong side.  Not a big deal you say.  Well, if you're from Europe and drive in the USA on the wrong side of the road, it's a BIG DEAL.  Wrong side is wrong side.  But here's the kicker -- I did it again yesterday.  Geez, have I now become a senior citizen or do I just get dressed too quickly???  Tis a puzzlement!!!!!

In an email from Bearpaw Quilting, I saw the fabric line by QUYLTE called Blazin Bandana, and immediately fell in love with it.  I ordered 1 yard of 11 colors.  And last week when Nancy pinned a photo of a quilt called Spin Cycle, I had to have it.  Sunday, after finishing a quilt top, I cut the Spin Cycle quilt out of the Blazing Bandana fabric.  I'm using only 12 blocks, which will make it a perfect size for the Saddle Up quilt raffle.  And that's what I'm working on today.  I;m anxious to get these quilts finished.  Not only because the Saddle Up is just 3 weeks away, but also because I want to make something for ME!

And now on a sadder note, "Vic" and I are finally through.  There's no going back.  I have given him three chances, which in my book is a fair number.  Each time I have had some horrible side effects.  This last time, they occurred after 4 weeks with "Vic".  And so, although I loved the effect "Vic" had on my glucose numbers, I have to say goodbye.  The side effects on the rest of my life just weren't worth it.  So now, I begin the walk to health without "Vic".  The key word here is "walk" and I know I can do it.   And so, my word of the month is "walk".  Cheer me on, please.

Keep on Sewing.

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Nancy said...

Sorry...I think I must be the "gotta have that pattern" enabler...I bought it also and can't wait to start...but I have another going at the moment...and I'm not reliable enough to have two going at one time...One WILL become a UFO...

Sometimes the best medicine in the world is not good for us...good luck without VIC...