Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yep, today it's a jumble of unorganized thoughts.
      I can see Friday approaching, and it's carrying a present for me - a three day weekend!  Let's give a big WAHOO for long weekends. This one will be spent finishing tee shirts for the upcoming Disney trip.

     Four weeks from this very moment, I should be on a plane which is preparing to descent into Orlando. We are due to arrive at 8:10 am, not nearly as ungodly an hour as the 4:30 am hour at which we are supposed to be at Pittsburgh International.

     I was awakened this morning by a $@%^ fly sticking its hairy legs up my nose.  I hate that because I know where those legs have been.

     After making appliqued tee shirts for all the girls, I think I will do one for myself.  But which character to put on mine.  I have decided to go for the Fairy Godmother.  She has always been my hero (and a lady I've always wanted to emulate) because she makes dreams come true.

     When Mary asked Bubby how his first day of school went, he replied, "Ok I guess.  Nobody would let me call my Grammy at 10:00.  I told them I call her everyday at 10, but they said NO".  Some people have so much nerve!

     Jake was sobbing the other morning because he couldn't find his "ducky toothbrush".  He doesn't have one!  Yesterday, after searching the store for one and not finding any, Kristin bought him a Spiderman toy.  Evidently it does more than she thought, because Jake keeps asking it for a popsicle.

And that ends it - I told you the thoughts were jumbled!!


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love your style, so exciting