Monday, February 18, 2013

And Then There Was One. . .

I finally finished Bubby's Mario Brothers quilt over the weekend.  He will see it this evening when he comes for one of his favorite dinners - sausage and Pappy's Famous Flapjacks.  He has been telling his teachers all about the Mario quilt that his grammy was making, so it wouldn't surprise me if the quilt doesn't go to school one day.  I don't know the first thing about video games, but these were the characters that his mom and dad told me to use.  He has seen pictures as it progressed, and heartily approved, so I guess I did OK.  And then there was one. . . today I'm hoping to finish up Krissy's Vinylmation quilt.

And then it's on to another project - an apron and pot holders for my niece for her bridal shower.  She loves  her morning coffee, and so I chose a coffee print.  I have to tell you, the photo doesn't do it justice - the fabric is such a beautiful deep brown.  And as a companion, I chose another fabric from the All About Coffee line by Exclusively Quilters - they call it Multi Dots on Latte Tan.  The apron pattern that I use is reversible, and I think this will look great.  Have a great day.

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Pat said...

Be sure to take a picture of Bubby with his quilt. You did choose great fabrics for the "coffee" apron and potholders.