Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Twins!

33 years ago, I gave birth to a set of twins 11-1/2 weeks early.  That night they were given a 10% chance of survival.  And today they turn 33.  Raising twins has been a really great experience.  To see two little ones who were so alike, and yet so different.  They cut their first teeth on the same day and walked within 20 minutes of each other. This picture was right after they came home.  They had finally reached 4 pounds.

This was the day of their baptism and they were already 7 months old. Pam is on the left and has the fuller face.  But they were gaining weight and were quite healthy.

And here they are today at their favorite place on earth.

Happy Birthday, Pat and Pam.  Hope you celebrate many, many more.


c. Joy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday to your Disney-loving gals!