Thursday, February 7, 2013

What to Buy

photo from Amazon
When my girls were little, birthday gifts were no problem.  But now that they are older, I have a horrible time deciding what to buy for birthdays. The twins will be 33 on Friday, and I had no idea what to get them.  But, at dinner the other night they mentioned that they needed to buy a bathrobe before our next trip to Disney so that they could cover up when leaving the hot tub.  So, I went in search of bathrobes.  This is the robe I chose since I liked the look and the price was right.

But I felt it needed something.  Pam and Pat aren't fancy people, so flowers were out.  But they love their dogs.  Pam has a black lab and Pat has a chocolate lab.  So I went in search of a really nice machine embroidery design for a lab. At Embroidery, I found a beautiful lab.  

My sample 
When I stitched my sample of this design, I didn't have the picture of the design in front of me (big mistake)  nor did I have the color list (another mistake).  I didn't care for the result.  So when I put the design on the bathrobe, I will use a darker grey and keep the website open so that I can see their colors.  And I need to figure out which colors to use to make this design into a chocolate lab.  Again, I think it's in my best interest to do a sample before putting it onto the bathrobe just to be sure that I like the colors.  I don't have the kids tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping to get them finished in time for their birthdays.

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