Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maker of Super Heroes

Today, I am the maker of Super Heroes.  School will be out next week, and I wanted something special that all four of the grand kids could play with.  At age 12, Kristina is almost too old for super heroes, but she will do just about anything to amuse the younger ones.  I used a pattern that i found on Pinterest for the capes.  I also have pinned a pattern for the masks, but haven't decided whether to do them with fabric or felt.

I chose special fabrics for each of the kids, and a coordinating name. These fabrics are for Kristina's cape.  She loves yellow and is very into peace signs.  The cotton is the lining, and the cape will be the satin.  I have designed  peace sign to applique on the back, and she will be known as the "Peacemaker".

These are the fabrics I chose for Bubba's cape.  Again the red satin will be the outside with the baseballs for the lining.  He will be known as "The Home Run Hero", and his cape will feature a large baseball on the back.

Izzy's favorite color is pink, so I chose a pink satin for the outside of her cape and a ladybug print for the inside. She has chosen the name "Mutant Ninja Ladybug". (she's a big fan of the Ninja Turtles).  I have a ladybug applique designed for the back of her cape.

And last, but certainly not least, is Jake.  He loves all things dinosaur related, so I chose the lining fabric first. The characters from the Dinosaur Train on PBS are on the fabric, and then I chose the satin to coordinate with the lining.  And he will be transformed into "DinoMan" when he dons his cape. His applique is a brontosaurus.  I am so anxious to finish them for the kids.  The capes are all cut, and ready to start putting on the appliques.  It should prove to be a fun project.

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