Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Canning Jar Projects

This morning Pat Sloan posted that she is addicted to containers, (particularly mason jars) and asked what you use your containers for.  One poster said that she has solar lids on her canning jars.  I had never heard of solar lids, so I asked where she found solar lids.  Imagine my surprise when my nephew posted a link to a site, and some photos of lights he had wanted to make.  Aren't these just beautiful???  He said he had wanted to make night lights for his son.
And he had also posted this photo.  I think these are so beautiful, and need to find out what you put on the inside, or if it's just the jars. So, I started by googling "Solar Light projects" and found this wonderful blog, entitled Disfunctional Designs.  Wow, are these some fantastic ideas?  And now the wheels start turning!  What else could I do with this idea???  I have a jar of broken glass from a windshield, and can only imagine what it would look like.  Wouldn't this idea be beautiful for Christmas in the bathroom where you don't want to use electric?  I loved the idea with the plastic pumpkins.  Hmmm.    If I could find some lightning bug decals, you could make lightning bug jars that the kids would love, and would not be able to let the bugs go.  Jake is a dinosaur lover, and the dinosaur terrarium on the Disfunctional Design blog would make a great night light for him.  And Jake, while looking over my shoulder, just said we should make one with a snowman inside.  It would be  like a lighted snow globe minus the snow.

What ideas can you think of??  Please share.

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