Monday, August 12, 2013

School Days are Approaching. . .

And it makes me sort of sad.  Izzy will be starting kindergarten.  My last act as the kids' daycare provider is to make their pillow for kindergarten.  Since the beginning of the school year is rapidly approaching, today I make Izzy's pillow.

Krissy's pillow was made of a pastel Scooby-Doo fabric.  I can't remember if I put her name on it, it seems so long ago.  She and I worked together on that pillow while everyone else was at the hospital as Bubby had a grand mal seizure that morning just after Mary left to take Krissy to orientation.  Working on that pillow helped to keep us calm while we waited for news on Bubby's condition.  We were nearly finished when the phone rang, and it was Bubby.  He had wanted to call his Grammy and the doctor told everyone to let him call.  He sounded fine - his anti-seizure meds had been seriously low and fixing that fixed him.

Bubby's pillow was Steeler's themed.  His name was on one side (they call him James at school) and his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers were profiled on the other side.
Boy do I wish my sewing room looked like this now!!

Izzy loves Hello Kitty, so that's the fabric I chose for her.  I will miss her so much, and will be left with just Jake after the 26th of August.

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