Thursday, August 15, 2013

UFO Busting, Day 3

I've been working on UFO's that were started years ago, and intended to be used for Christmas gifts.  This is the year that I finish them.  There have been some good moments, and some bad ones.

I had started this pink/turquoise/ medium blue boxy stars blue for Pat.  When I got the bag out on Tuesday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find the sashings and cornerstones in the bag.  But as I started putting the quilt together, I discovered that I was 4 sashings short.  And there was no more of the paisley fabric to be found.  Why would I have put all this in the bag if it wasn't all there?  I have no idea!  I was so frustrated that I put everything aside and, like Scarlett O'Hara, figured I would think about it tomorrow.  That night while battling some insomnia, I had a breakthrough.  So Wednesday morning, I went to the sewing room, found another black/white fabric and proceeded to cut the new sashings.  The outside is the original paisley - sort of a picture frame.  And the new sashings are inside.  It seems to form a pattern and nobody but us needs to know that it wasn't intended to be that way.  Shhh, don't tell!

This morning, I began my next project - finishing the Spin Cycle quilt for Pam.  The first time I saw this pattern, I fell in love with it and knew it would look so great in the Blazin Bandana fabrics from Quylte that I had purchased from Bear Paw Quilt.  Another pleasant surprise - the sashings were cut and in the bag.  But this time, before I started putting the quilt together, I checked to make sure they were all there.  And by lunch time, this top was completed.

So, this week, I have finished three tops.  Since I don't have any kids tomorrow, it will be an ironing and packing day.  Mary's quilt top will be ironed and, together with the backing, be packaged up to send to the quilter.  Pam and Pat's tops will be ironed and ready to be sandwiched.  I will get the prizes for my blog giveaway ready for mailing. I can't believe how wonderful it feels to know that I have completed three unfinished tops.  If I had a big boat, I might even stand up on the bow and shout, "I'm Queen of the UFO".

Hope you have a sew wonderful weekend.

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