Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is It Fall Yet??

All the local fairs are either currently running, or already past.  It usually signals that fall is rapidly approaching.  But temperatures this week are still running in the 80's (of course the kids are back in school).  And yesterday, Kristin reminded me that Christmas is less than 4 months away (Shock to the system).

The monkey quilts are finally finished.  Not wanting to free motion quilt in each of the blocks, I decided to try some dot-to-dot quilting.  With a chalk pencil, I market the center of each side of the blocks, and then quilted from dot to dot in a diamond pattern.  It makes the block look nearly like a square-in-a-square pattern.  It was fast, I didn't have to change feet, and I like how it looks.

We are having a "so long to summer" party this coming weekend, and I decided not to start a new project until after the party.  Since our Pittsburgh Pirates are pretty much in the running for the playoffs, I decided that the party needed a baseball theme.  The menu includes "ball park" food.  We are having a gourmet hot dog bar featuring hot dogs and all sorts of trimmings.  I got these red plastic food baskets and waxed paper liners for the guests for their hot dogs.  The trimmings will be on the table in these baseball shaped bowls.  We are also having nachos with cheese and/or Pam's homemade salsa.  And who doesn't love large soft pretzels with nacho cheese???  I've also purchased peanuts in the shells and cracker jacks to munch on, and some Big League Chew and temporary baseball themed tattoos for the kids.  And the twins bought ice cream novelties for each guest for dessert.  I'm pretty certain that a ball game will break out at some point during the day.

Hope your holiday weekend is fun and restful.

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