Thursday, September 19, 2013

Best Friends Reunited

We have two cats - Mr. Andre and Mr. Willie (he only has one eye, and got his name from One Eyed Willie in Goonies)  They are the best of friends.  Two weeks ago, Mr. Willie developed a bad ear infection and couldn't walk (he has a muffed ear).  So Dr. Kristin took him to work and treated him.  But afterwards, he stayed at Pat and Pam's house since they were administering his medications.  Yesterday, Dr. Kristin operated on the muffed ear to try and open it so that it could be cleaned easier.  And although she wasn't pleased with the results, it looks a lot better.  Mr. Andre has missed his buddy so badly. The first week, he just walked around the house looking for Mr. Willie and crying.  He just moped around, and rarely left the back porch.

Today, Mr. Willie returned home, and Mr. Andre was so happy to see him that he gave him kisses.  It's good to see best friends reunited!

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