Friday, September 6, 2013

It's All About Incentives

Fall seems to be in the air here in Pennsylvania.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and the cooler temperatures have given me the incentive to begin making some needed changes in my life.

After much discussion with family and prayers for the right answer, I decided to forego the GI Diet and join Weight Watchers.  I have lost weight with Weight Watchers in the past, but lately have found it difficult not to cheat.  I guess I just needed the right incentives.  To some, it doesn't seem like a big deal.  But for me it's a major victory.  I have nearly completed my first week on the program, and I have not cheated. With the help of my family, I have measured my food and calculated my points.  Last night, we even cooked my dinner in separate dishes so that I was "on program".  Although it's not easy, I am forcing myself to move more and my legs can verify that.  Think I just might reward myself . . . with a new hairdo, not food!

This past week I had some sales in my Etsy store, and they gave me the incentive I needed to make some new items for the store.  The last two days were spent cutting fabric and interfacing.  Today I will do the ironing, and tomorrow start sewing 12 new wristlets, some in darker fabrics for fall.  And next week, I should be adding some new items (good for the working girl).  Once these new items are finished, I need to get back to work on Christmas gifts - after all it's only 109 days away (and I lose 7 of those days vacationing at Walt Disney World).

Look for your own incentives to do what's needed in your life, and have a great weekend!

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