Monday, September 2, 2013

The Nerve of Some People

I have to admit that some times I am amazed at the nerve of some people.  Last week, a cousin passed away.  She was close in age to my father, and always seemed like more of an aunt that a cousin.  But her children were close to my age, and I love them dearly - they are all wonderful people, and they were very close to their mother.  I know the pain they are feeling, and wish there was something I could do to ease that pain.  My family went to the funeral home yesterday to pay our respects.  Mary was the last to leave, and before she left, one of my other cousins (with whom I haven't had a lot of contact over the last 10 years) started to question Mary as to why my mother's death hit me so hard - she didn't think we were really that close. She thought I was always closer to my dad.   Mary was livid, but held her tongue.  This cousin, let's call her Bold for the purpose of this post, was right.  I was always closer to my dad.  But when my dad and sister passed away within two years of each other, only my mom and I were left.  I barely know her.  But we needed each other to survive the shock of losing our family members in such a short amount of time.  We cried together, we laughed together, and I'm sure we annoyed each other at times.  But as I got to know my mother, she became a hero of mine.  Nothing, even having cancer diagnoses 9 times, beat her down.  She had a determination and strength that I can only hope to have inherited.  And how, Bold could question my love for my mom is just so unfathomable to me.  Since she hasn't bothered with me in the last 10 years, she couldn't possibly know how I felt about my mother.  For Pete's sake, my mom lived with us for over 4 years.  She moved to a personal care facility only when it wasn't safe for her to stay here.  She was no longer able to get around with her walker, and my house isn't built for a wheelchair - too many small hallways. She was falling a lot, and really needed to be where people could pick her up when needed. I loved her dearly and miss her everyday.   Some of my relatives have questioned why I no longer attend the family reunion.  Let me just say that Bold, and others like her, aren't my idea of a fun family event, and I avoid them like the plague!  So, I just want to say this.  Bold, if you are reading this post, concentrate on your relationship with your mom, and stop worrying about me.

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