Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting There

Well, the grid quilting is done, and I'm about to start the free motion quilting. Then the binding, and voila, I'm done.

Rod has worked really hard this summer to upgrade our backyard with the new roof, carpeting, ramp, pond area, and two weekends ago, the tractor and the lawnmower both quit. (They have since been fixed). Then last weekend, the weed whacker died (may it rest in peace). I told Rod that he was going to have to take a time-out this weekend since he keeps breaking his toys. He's been wanting a chaise lounge, and the one to match our patio furniture was on sale on line. So, I ordered it. It came yesterday, and he got it all put together. Now, Pappy has a "time out chair". We re-aranged the furniture since all time out chairs should be in a corner, and wow. The patio looks so much bigger. We got rid of the old swing since we have both hated it since we got it. It's like having a new deck all over again. Now, when I sew on the back deck, Pappy can relax in his "time out chair".

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