Friday, August 22, 2008

Whew, Friday

Yeah, it's Friday. First an update on the raccoon. It must have been sick, because when George got home from work and went to release it, it was dead in the trap. He said there must have been something wrong for it to have died. Our good Lord seems to send sick and homeless animals my way. And so it must have been with this raccoon. At least his last day was good for him since he got a lot of food and water from us. And the little guy can know that he was very entertaining for that last evening.

I'm making my list for the weekend. I am determined to get the borders on those sampler quilts. I have saying that for most of the summer, but this time. . . yeah, yeah. I'm now four or five months behind on my "Be Attitudes" BOM, I still have not started my 2005 Circle of Friends from Pat Sloan, and I have three other BOM's which are all here, but not started. Wow, I just realized I'm starting to resemble a Slacker!!! But Fall is almost here, and that's my favorite time of year. So hopefully, I'll get cracking. Have a great weekend.

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