Friday, August 29, 2008

What's on tap. . .

for the holiday weekend? Tonight we may visit our local fair. Haven't been there for years. When I was nine, I entered the gathered skirt I had made in 4-H in the fair and won a blue ribbon. And I was hooked. That's when my love of sewing started.

Saturday, we're having all the kids for dinner. What's on the menu, you may ask. Beer can chicken. Love the stuff. And to go with it a hash brown casserole that I do in the crock pot, also some picnic beans (also in the crock pot). Have to use the crock pots since college football kicks off tomorrow, and I'm a college football nut. Mary is bringing a salad, Kristin is bringing deviled eggs, and Rod and I are making a homemade cheesecake. Come on over, there will be plenty of food!!!

Sunday and Monday I'm hoping to get a lot of sewing done. The Sesame Street characters for Izzy's quilt are fused and ready for buttonhole stitching. Today I'm hoping to get the appliques for Mary's pirate quilt ready for buttonhole stitching, and then all weekend I can sew. We bought a folding table (which Rod shortened the legs on) that I use for sewing on the deck. I form an "L" with the ironing board, and I'm off to the races. For Chistmas, Rod bought me an IHome for the Zune. We plug it in, set it on the table, and I have music which makes me a happy stitcher.

On this morning's news, they were calling this weekend, "The Last Hurrah of Summer". That's OK by me, since I love the fall. The foods, the smells, the crisp mornings. I love them all. Did you ever make clove studded oranges as a kid? We made them every year in Girl Scouts. Party-Lite candles has come out with a scent that smells just like those did. I ordered them for the holidays. Can't wait till they come. Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Set 2 more plates, DH and I will be there. ;) I love reading about you and your family getting together.