Monday, January 5, 2009


I believe that this is my first post of the New Year. Did I make any resolutions? Well, maybe just a couple. We have booked a trip to Disney for December to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. DD Mary is making all the arrangements, and I've decided this is a really good incentive for weight loss. So, today is my first day back with Weight Watchers. DD Pam will do it along with me, and it always helps to have a "buddy". My second resolution is not to throw stuff in a corner of the sewing room when I'm done with it, but to instead put it away where it belongs. I may even make a sign to hang up in there that says "Put it away where it belongs". Do you think it will help?

I have just spent the last two weeks cleaning and revamping my sewing room. It was such a mess after the holiday push, and I've gone through most of the boxes and so far have thrown out 4 (yes 4!!) large bags of garbage. Rod built me a new box for the new TV, and last night we covered it with fabric to match the curtainsl. Looks pretty good. We moved the large wire basket rack out of the closet to be used more efficiently, and Rod put up a new shelf which makes better use of the closet space. Yesterday morning, he decided that I needed a plastic storage container for my fleece scaps and took of for Walmart. He came home with two huge containers, which I felt weren't needed. Guess who was right!!! Rod!!! I have filled both of them with fleece pieces left over from quilts, and still have more stashed in a closet. The room is finally beginning to take shape, I still have two dishpans full of stuff to go through, and the window shelf to clean off and of course the table (which I can see but not use), and then I'll be ready to sew again. I'm anxious to get started. The twins want their sampler quilts as of yesterday, and I'm a little upset that they don't want me to use the quilts that I put two years of my life into. But I have lots of scraps from the Be Attitudes BOM that I participated in, and have ordered more of the fabric from This-n-That fabrics. It's from the Williams Inn collection and I love the fabrics. So, I'll just make another sampler quilt for me!!! Will post photos when the room is completely finished. Have a great week.

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Pat said...

I am thrilled you are interested in the Pay It Forward, Linda. When the "ending" date to sign up has come and gone (Jan. 7), I will be in touch with all who are taking part and explain it further. It's very easy....really. So don't stress over it. I'm glad you are getting your sewing space organized. For me, that is a constant battle and no matter how often I resolve to put stuff away, it doesn't happen and then it becomes a mess quickly and I need to do a MAJOR clean-up. *sigh*