Thursday, January 29, 2009

And More Blocks

I continue to work on the blocks for my next sampler quilt. I have averaged about one block per day, and just love the hand piecing. I hope to start cutting sashing and borders this coming weekend. I finally realized that I don't have to follow all the rules. It's my quilt, and since the quilt police don't live here, I can do my own thing. Our Sampler class had specific blocks to teach us specific methods. I wanted to do the same basic blocks, but since I'm better than I was, I chose a few blocks that are a little more complicated. So far, I'm loving this quilt.

This is a block I got from It's called SeeSaw, and I liked it because it is a kicked-up pinwheel block.

This is a block called Flying X's. It was from my first Sampler quilt, and I liked it so I chose to include it into this quilt.

This is Card Trick. I love this block, and chose to use the same fabric in four different colors to do it. Loved the outcome.

This is my Attic Windows Block. I chose to use two florals and make them like a 9-patch.

This is another block from It's called Arrowhead Puzzle. I chose it because it is a kicked-up 16-patch.

I'm working on an Oregon Train block, and that leaves only 6 blocks to go before the 20 blocks are ready to put together. Stay Warm.


Pat said...

LOVE all your blocks, Linda! I especially like how the stripe in the pinwheel block makes it look so full of motion! Is the card trick block in Quilter's Cache, too? I love that block and have always wanted to try it...but haven't yet.

Just Call Me Lindabee said...

Pat, I do think that it's on quilters cache. I love their site, and use it a lot.

Mary said...

Mummy, I didn't see that Arrowhead one. I love it.