Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rainy Days and Wednesdays. . . .

Yesterday was definitely a rainy day. . . and it was Wednesday. . . and it wasn't a happy hump day. Rod was on his way home from work just before lunch time and there was so much water on the roads. Luckily at this time there isn't a lot of traffic, because our car started to hydroplane and Rod wasn't able to keep it under control. The car turned 180 degrees and slammed against the guardrails. The entire driver's side of the car is severely damaged. Luckily, Rod wasn't hurt -- thankfully he always wears his seatbelt. He managed to drive the car home, although there is a bad shimmy when you get above 50mph. But it is at the repair shop, we have a rental, and we haven't heard yet whether it will be repaired or totaled. Mary left work early, and she and the twins cooked dinner for us. They said it was a celebration dinner, because if their Daddy had been coming home as usual during rush hour, he probably would have been seriously injured or worse. He works today, but then tomorrow we are going to Hershey for the weekend. And I think we both need this short vacation. But this accident certainly puts life into perspective. See you next week, hopefully with some photos.

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