Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Attitudes Progress

Today I worked a little on the Be Attitudes quilt that I have in progress. (for a couple of years now)  When I started this quilt I was using a EuroPro machine, which I loved.  Since then, I got a very expensive Janome machine, and I'm still learning to use it.  Since I had already buttonhole stitched two of the blocks, I had to try and find a stitch that would come close to what I had used before.  So today, I "played" with the stitches on the machine, and found one that was pretty good.  In just a little over an hour, I had buttonhole stitched the "Be Kind" block.  It felt good to do something fun, something that wasn't for someone else, something quick that I wanted to do.  Now I have to locate the book so that I can work on piecing and tracing the applique for another block.  Stay warm.

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JustCindy said...

Picture? Love your new layout.