Monday, January 31, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend

It started Friday with a Tastefully Simple party at daughter Mary's.  It would have been much more simple (and enjoyable) had it not been for the demonstrator.  She had a slight case of laryngitis, and was certainly wanting all attention to be focused on her and not the products.  She let fly with a couple of stingers to daughter Mary (I'm trying to set up for your party and don't see that anything's been done.) Meanwhile, Mary had baked all the breads and cakes, made the dips and soups, all that were for sampling.  She gave dirty looks to the kids in the next room when she thought they were too loud.  And her method of demonstrating products was to read directly from the catalog. And although Mary had another party dated from hers, the demonstrator wasn't going to give Mary credit since she (the demonstrator) didn't want to travel that far (25 miles). Needless to say, she won't be doing any more shows for our family.

Then  on Sunday, Jake was baptized.  I was so proud of his suit, and received a lot of complements on it.  After the baptism, we all went to a local restaurant, where Kris and George had made arrangements for a buffet lunch. The food was great, the servers were quite attentive, and the company was enjoyable.  The baptism was at 10:45, and with the dinner and all, it was after 4 when we got home.  But, spending a day with family for such a special occasion is always rewarding.  And it made everyone, including Jake, smile.