Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's here.  The New Year 2011.  And I'm sure that we're all wondering what this year will bring.

I posted the other day about my decision to eat more healthy.  I had asked daughter Mary (a scrap booker) if she could come up with some way for me to keep track of my exchanges, and how what I ate affected my blood sugar.  Mary is just amazing with the internet, and can find things in some of the most unusual places.  You may notice a new button on my home page for Move More, Eat Less.  Mary found this website through her scrap booking, but Cathy Zielske  has created this wonderful weight loss/eat healthy journal and is offering it for digital download for a small fee.  It looks just perfect for what I was looking for.  Mary downloaded it and is currently personalizing it for my needs.  So, I'm joining Cathy's project.  If becoming more healthy in 2011 is your goal, too, why not jump on this train and ride along.

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