Monday, August 22, 2011

A Constructive Weekend

Finally I had a weekend where I managed to accomplish something.  There seemed to be so much left undone before our Disney trip, and I was starting to panic, not knowing how I would finish it all.  Saturday, Rod and I made picnic beans for granddaughter Jessica's birthday/going away party.  She leaves on Thursday for Youngstown State (in Ohio).  I don't know who miss who more, her missing the little ones, or them missing her.  Last weekend, Jessica took Izzy to Build-a-Bear and had her build a bunny - a very pink bunny.  Jess built a cow.  Izzy's bunny wears an Sleeping Beauty dress, a crown, and . . .  hot pink, glittery, high top tennis shoes.  And inside, is a squeezie button that plays a recorded message from Jess to Izzy -- "I love you Izzy-Boo".  And inside Jess's cow, a button that plays Izzy's voice saying, "I love you Sissy Jessie".  What a neat idea!!

Then yesterday, Rod and the twins and I made stuffed cabbage rolls.  It was amazing how fast it went with the four of us.  After the pigs were in the oven, the twins manned the printer, switching the paper while I used the laptop to print out the Tee shirts that we had all picked.  I chose these 4 patterns, top left is for our EPCOT day, top right is my choice for Magic Kingdom.  Bottom left is my hero, Mrs. Potato Head.  I love her, she keeps Mr. prepared for everything by shoving what he needs (and doesn't need) up his "Oh my gosh I can't print that word".  And finally bottom right is my choice for our Animal Kingdom day.  Centered is the Tree of Life.  If you've never been to Disney you can't appreciate how beautiful the Tree of Life is.  It is a 14-story, 50-foot wide sculpted tree, which is the centerpiece of Animal Kingdom. 

All around this magnificent sculpture are animals, amazing animals.  This is just one photo and you can't imagine how many animals are on this tree.  I could look at this tree for hours, but nobody would wait on me.  Also on the Animal Kingdom shirt is the Everest Mountain which houses the roller coaster in Animal Kingdom, the safari vehicle from the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, and the dinosaur from the Dinosaur adventure.  So, now the shirts are done and I'm a little closer to being ready to go.


Pat said...

I love the shirts you do. I think we are going to pull off a family trip next summer.....will be the first time to WDW for a couple of the grands. If we do this, I'll need to pick your brain about how to make some t-shirts for all of us, okay? I am clueless as to the type of transfer paper (and stuff like that) to use.

JustCindy said...

Glad things are coming together for the trip. The shirts are going to be so much fun to wear. The tree is amazing.