Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice

We are just 37 days from our Disney trip, and I've begun to make my lists of things to buy, things to do, and things to pack.  I've made cards to carry in my Baggalini, that have our confirmation numbers for dining, snacks for each park, and other relative information.  I've designed some envelopes for our tip money for Mousekeeping and they are ready for printing.  These are three of the designs, but so far I have 12.  Each year I do the envelopes for all of us.  Mary usually does all the cards, but this year with her studies, she hasn't had the time.  Mom has taken that job and done my own version which is not nearly as detailed as Mary's, but with larger print for old people eyes.


Note the baggalinis in the front and back baskets

This is one of last year's photos of me on my scooter.  Disney has made every effort to accommodate the handicapped and their various vehicles, but
unfortunately they can't control ignorant people with bad attitudes.  At the various bus stops, anyone with a scooter or wheelchair is boarded first.  No problems unless there are already people on the bus from a previous stop.  Certain seats are designated for the handicapped because they flip up to make room for the vehicles.  And if people are already seated in those seats, they are nicely asked to move to other seats.  But they don't always respond nicely. The way the areas for wheelchairs or scooters are set up requires you to put your scooter in as if you were parallel parking -- you pull forward and then back in.  Some people are quite impatient if it takes you more than one try, and that makes me nervous and frustrated, and makes more tries almost a certainty.  For that reason, we decided to rent a car this year.  It will reduce my biggest cause of stress at the parks, give us more freedom to come and go as we please, and will eliminate the waiting for buses at the end of a long day at the parks.

Daughter Mary is our unofficial Disney guru;  and if she doesn't know answers to questions, she knows where to find those answers.  And this year, the questions were about car rental.  Rod and I had reserved a car with Hertz through AAA at a cost of $343.00 for the week.  Then Mary learned about a website for car rentals.  The reviews that she had read were good, it's a reputable site.  So, we decided to give it a try.  We booked a full size car with AC and unlimited mileage with Dollar for a total of $233.  That's a savings of $110, nothing to sneeze at!  But it gets better.  Everyday, AutoSlash checks your reservation for a lower rate; and when the rate goes down, they re-book you at the lower rate.  You don't lift a finger!  Our rate has gone down twice -- we are now booked for a grand total of $191.  And we did nothing!!!  Don't you love it??

So now, I still have to organize my pins for trading, and decide which clothes I'm taking.  It's getting closer!


Retired Knitter said...

Trips always go better when they are planned out. I love the little thank you tickets. Such a nice touch. Hope it isn't too hot down there for you guys when you go.

Nancy said...

Will you plan my next trip? It sounds like you have it down to a science... love it...lol
Wow...a car will give you much more freedom to come and go..very good choice...

Pat said...

WOW....great car rental deal and good idea for you, too! We had driven to FL last year (and will the next couple of trips, too). We did use our car in the evenings for our dinner reservations and it came in very handy!