Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am One Dizzy Broad!!!

Yes, I have on occasion been called a "dizzy broad".  Yes, me. . . the domestic diva formerly known as "Supermom".  I know, it's a shock, but right now those people would be right on.  For I truly am a dizzy broad.  I have this vertigo problem.  Doctor doesn't know what causes it.  But some years, especially in the weeks approaching fall, it rears it's ugly head.  And this year, it decided it needed to make my life miserable.  I can't bend over, lean to the side, or stand up too quickly, or I'm hit with a wave of dizziness followed by a wave of nausea.  Here's how the conversation went yesterday:
  Izzy:  Grammy, bend over so I can see the room spin.
  Me:  No, Izz.  The room doesn't spin, Grammy just gets dizzy.
  Izzy:  OK, just bend over so I can see you get "bizzy".
  Me:  No, Izz.  Do you want me to vomit?
  Izzy:  It's OK, Grammy.  You could clean it up.

As Rodney Dangerfield used to say," I get no respect".


Nancy said...

oh so sister has the same problem... I hope you get relief before your WDW vacation...

JustCindy said...

How funny your Izzy is! Hope you feel better very soons.

Pat said...

Kids do say some really funny stuff! I hope your vertigo clears up soon for this year.

Retired Knitter said...

I have had problems with vertigo in the past. And it is no laughing matter. Very very disabling.

But your story is sure cute.

Hope the dizziness goes away soon.