Thursday, August 25, 2011

My New Best Friend

At 3:45 this morning, I was awakened by an ignorant bladder.  It has no idea how to sleep all night!  Call it menopause, call it diabetes, but it just doesn't sleep all night.  I could see flashes of lightening and hear thunder off in the distance.  So, I went to the living room to sleep in my chair (which I do nearly every night, but that's another story).  The storm got closer, and soon was rumbling quite seriously.  Suddenly there was a loud crack, a very bright flash, and I screamed.  The lightening had hit the electrical transformer on the pole in our front yard.  In a blink of an eye, the house was thrown into total quiet and darkness.  The transformer sparked for a few seconds, and continued to glow orange after the sparks stopped.  And then, the glow ended and it seemed unusually dark.  I was tingling.  I don't think I was hit with lightening (the kids call my chair "the lightening chair"). But I was scared!!  If I had any boots on, I'd have been shaking in them.  If I had any bejeebers, they'd have been scared out of me.  If I . . .  oh well, you get the idea.  So, it's 4:00 am, and Rod gets up for work at 5:20.  But there was no electric, so no alarm clock.  I keep my I Phone on the stand beside my chair, and remembered that Mary had shown me a flashlight app that she had downloaded.  I picked up the phone and downloaded the flashlight app and it was FREE!!!!  Kristin had shown me how to set the alarm clock on the phone, and so I set the alarm for 5:20.  I was feeling pretty proud, let me tell you.  Using the flashlight on the phone, I navigated my way back to bed.  Rod greeted me with "Hi".  "Didn't you hear me scream",  I asked.  "Yeah", he replied, "are you OK."  "Oh, fine, thanks for asking"!!!  And he wonders why I worry about him coming to my rescue if it's ever needed!! I explained that the transformer had been zapped, told him about the flashlight app and that the alarm was set.  He didn't seem impressed.  But at 5:20 when the alarm went off, and I turned on the flashlight app for him to walk safely around the bed, he was very impressed.  But, sadly, there was no coffee this morning.  Rod lit some candles, got a shower, and left for work.  And 5 minutes later, the electric came back on.  Just a few minutes earlier, and we could have had our morning coffee.  But, Major Kudos to Penn Power, we were only without power for 2 hours.

I've loved the phone since I got it, but was having a little trouble justifying the extra cost.  OK, I'm cheap. . .  I'll admit it.  But after this morning, my I Phone is now my new best friend.  I love you, my wonderful phone.


Retired Knitter said...

Lightening can be very scary! We seldom lose our power as all our lines are underground.

Too funny about your husband. Mine would have done exactly the same thing!!!


Pat said...

I need to learn about the alarm on my phone. I do love the flashlight app, though. I, like you, feel kind of guilty at spending the money for this kind of phone, but I do love it!