Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let the Organizing Begin

I have finished 25 neck coolers, and that will have to do. I did them in an assembly line fashion, so there are still threads to cut before putting each in its own zippie bag.  That's a good TV watching job.  I still want to make some new quilt blocks before our trip, and have printed off the character photos and am ready to start tracing them onto Heat-n-Bond for applique.  Last weekend I really needed to start the neck coolers, and so Rod brought a 4-foot table into the sewing room.  He set it halfway in the closet and halfway out, and then picked all the stuff up off the floor and piled it onto the table.  I know it probably doesn't make sense, but now it doesn't seem so overwhelming.  I can see what needs to be put away and have decided that when I go into the sewing room, I will put away 5 items before starting anything else.  And so, let the organizing begin. . .

This is my newest toy  organizational tool.  I've wanted a label maker for what seems forever.  And last week, this one was the deal of the day.  Although it lists for over $50, I got it for just --wait for it-- $15.99.  Now, I have to find the time to play with it learn to use it.

I have so much to label - file folders, storage boxes and clear vinyl pockets.  Yes, pockets.  I have a large box of trims and laces that I rarely use because I can't see them.  You understand the whole "out of sight" thing.  So, after reading some organizing blogs and looking at sewing room photos on-line, I decided to purchase a clear, vinyl, hang over the door shoe bag.  I can sort those trims and laces into the pockets and label them to insure that they go back where they belong.


I purchased these Sterlite 6-quart storage boxes from  I got a set of 12 for $21.99, and will use them to store my FQ's.  I haven't decided how to group them, but I know that I will put all my "food" fat quarters in one box.  I am passionate about food fabrics -  farmer's market, snacks, drinks. . . I love them all.  And I have quite a lot of Disney fabrics which I am planning to put together.  One box will be set aside for small scraps to use for applique.  And now they will all be labeled.  And the blue lids sort of match the color of my sewing room shelves.

I'm anxious now to get the filing cabinet in place.  For some reason, I have always had a problem with filing cabinets being top heavy.  If my plan works out, that won't be a problem this time.  I have all my GO cutter dies sitting on top of my sewing cabinet in racks.  Hopefully, those racks will fit into the bottom filing cabinet drawer.  I know that the strip cutters won't fit in the drawer in the racks, but the other dies should.  But the first, the pile on the table must be cleared off.  And so, let the organizing begin.

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Retired Knitter said...

Sounds like things are really coming along in this area. By the time you go on your trip, it will be done. What a good feeling that will be.