Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please Hum the Theme from Rocky as You Read This

Are you humming?  OK.  I asked you to hum because this morning I feel like Rocky after climbing the steps in Philadelphia.  Why you ask???!!  Because this morning I am the victor (playing We are the Champions).  Oh no, this has absolutely nothing to do with sports, the Super Bowl is totally irrelevant.  No, this is a quilting victory.  I have finally defeated finished the Linda's Star Block.  When I started this Brown Bag Sampler Quilt, I said I wanted some blocks that were more challenging -- and boy, did I pick them!!

This is the Linda's Star block.  I thought with the name it would so great to put this into my quilt.  So, I cut all my pieces, marked the seam lines, and began to hand piece.  And then the problems.  Some blocks were cut 2-3/4" and some were 2-7/8".  Now I've never been one to worry about 1/8" -- I'm not an engineer.  But in this case that little portion of an inch made all the difference in the world.  So, one Sunday afternoon, I shut myself into the sewing room with all my pieces in hand.  I laid them all out, measured them, and pinned them together.  Aha, I thought.  I've won.  But ohh, nooo.  Pieces were missing.  Pieces were sewn in the wrong place.  Can I conquer this block I wondered.  So I set it aside for a day.  Back to the drawing board  sewing room.  I found the pieces I was missing and then sat down with the photo of the block and tried again.  And (insert Rocky's theme here again)   I won!!!  And I love the block, and think it was worth all the headache.

Stay warm and safe.

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JustCindy said...

The block is beautiful! I'm glad you won. You did this all by hand? My hat off to you.