Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Great Saturday Night

Last night Mary and Jimmy were in invited to a political dinner.  He's an officer in his local union, and they occasionally receive these invitations.  Many times it's a boring evening, to be sure; but it's free food and an evening out on someone else's nickel. Last night, the food wasn't even good.  But they had a nice time with friends.  

Our Saturday night was much better than theirs.  Krissy and Bubby stayed with Pappy and I.  Krissy had requested hot dogs on the grill for dinner.  And for snack, one of Pappy's famous milkshakes.  ABC Family provided the evening's entertainment.  They are having a Harry Potter weekend.  Krissy is reading one of the Harry Potter books, but had never seen any of the movies.  She got so involved in the movies that she didn't hear when you talked to her.  According to Krissy, the only good thing about commercials is that you "get a chance to go pee".  Bubby fell asleep on the floor about 9:30, but Krissy stayed awake until her mom and dad got home.  The movie wasn't over until 11, and Kris wouldn't leave until she saw the end.  All in all, it was a great Saturday night.  Toodles!

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Pat said...

Oh, gosh...I'd like one of Pappy's famous milkshakes, too!!! (I guess the best we can do is have him provide the recipe!!!) I'm glad you had a nice time and Krissy got to see a HP movie!