Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Say Hello to my New Best Friend.

Oh, Yeah!!  This is my new best friend.  I love to get salad in a restaurant, on a salad bar, but never at home.  Never could understand why.  Then Daughter Kristin suggested that I try a salad spinner.  And I'm eating salad again at home.  It's absolutely amazing.  The dry lettuce and other salad makings hold the dressings better, and they keep for days in a plastic container in the fridge.  Daughter Pam loves the salad spinner - I think my salad ingredients are most definitely dizzy when Pam's cooking. She loves to pull that string. I told her that she needs to alternate arms so that her upper arms remain the same equal size.  Kristin believes that if you pull the string in a certain way, you can work upper arms and your abs.  But seriously, it does make a big difference.  Last night all the kids came for dinner.  And Mary made steak salads.  In case you don't know, here in the Pittsburgh area, steak salad is a big thing.  All your favorite veggies are in there, hard boiled egg, cheese, many times ham, your steak, and especially French fries.  I like to add dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and bacon bits.  Add your favorite dressing, and you have a meal in a bowl.  And mmmm it's so good.

On Monday, Jake decided to gnaw on Grammy's finger, and lo and behold, there was a tooth on the bottom.  And Monday was his 4 month birthday.  Then last night, he bit my finger again, and there's a little tooth coming through on the top.  Kristin said that "the book" said he shouldn't cut teeth until 6 or 7 months.  But I guess Jake hasn't read the book.   Off to the sewing room.  Toodles!


Pat said...

We love salads, too, but I've never tried a spinner. Sometimes the lettuce gets "funny" in the fridge in a maybe this is the answer. Where did you get your spinner? Cute about Jake and his teeth!!!

JustCindy said...

We have a spinner we got from Tupperware, it has a handle instead of a sting. lol Pam probably wouldn't want to play with mine. Those silly babies I don't know why they don't do what the book says. ;)

Kristin Marie said...

My roommate and I also have a salad spinner, and I love it! And now you've made me hungry for a steak salad, haha.