Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, NO

Remember my post about the best laid plans. . . . well, I was a little too optimistic.  I started to put all the churn dash blocks together.  I had enough of the HST's cut and pieced.  So far, so good.  But then I started to put the strips together.  Not very much farm fabric left.  Did what I had.  Then I started to put all the blocks together, and lo and behold, there weren't enough strips for all the blocks.  But there was no more farm fabric.  So, I have ordered more farm fabric, and that quilt is now on hold.

Move on to the next quilt.  I had wanted to do some sort of star block with all my different bandana fabrics.  I figured I could use my AccuQuilt GO cutter to make it a little faster.  Found a block that I liked, but no directions included.  I knew it used the parallelogram, but wasn't sure of what other dies I needed to make the star.  This morning I cut the parallelograms, and laid them out and then measured to see what pieces I needed.  From what I measured, I need a triangle, (which I have the die for) and a 5" square.  I don't have the die for the 5" square.  I'm going to the Lancaster show next Friday and I know that Accuquilt will be there.  After all, I bought the cutter there last year.  So, a 5" square die is on my shopping list..  And that quilt is on hold.

Now I need to decide which quilt to do next.  Hopefully one that won't be put on hold.  Toodles!

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Pat said...

I'm glad you figured out what die you needed and the 5" square should be one that's there. You might want to call AccuQuilt to be sure they'll be at the Lancaster show AND that they'll have a 5" square die with them. I'm sure they can let you know for sure.